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The match-up has been made official: we will see the Washington Huskies (8-4) take on the BYU Cougars (8-4) in this year's Fight Hunger Bowl! To celebrate, we have compiled a few highlights from each team's amazing year. Take a peek and see what you could expect from this year's game...

Dear Friends of the Fight Hunger Bowl,

I'm thrilled to inform you that earlier this afternoon we invited the University of Washington Huskies to play BYU in the 2013 Fight Hunger Bowl at AT&T Park on December 27!
Dear Friends of the Fight Hunger Bowl,

This is the craziest week of the year in the bowl business. Selection Sunday is only four days away, which means that bowl directors, conference officials, athletic directors and TV executives are in constant communication regarding team selection for the 35 bowl games on this year's schedule. With 77 teams now bowl-eligible (and three more with the potential to qualify this weekend), at least 7 teams will be left at home. So some intense lobbying is going on. Conferences are hoping to find a "home" for all of their bowl-eligible schools. Athletic directors are looking to secure the best possible bid for their teams; those whose teams are on the bubble are doing everything possible to find a landing spot. Bowl directors are trying to determine which teams will sell the most tickets, fill the most hotel rooms, and attract the most TV eyeballs. 
The college football regular season may have come to a close, but Rivalry Week supplied with one great choice for this week's Weekend Highlight Reel!