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More than 115 Bay Area youngsters, ages 5-14, took part in the 3rd annual Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Youth Skills Clinic. 

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The last few months have been a period of rapid and fundamental change in college football. Many of these changes have involved post-season play, the BCS structure, and the NCAA's involvement in the bowl industry.

Playoffs: The BCS Presidential Oversight Council on June 26 approved a four-team post-season playoff to determine the national college football champion commencing in 2014. The new format, recommended by the 11 conference commissioners and Notre Dame's Athletic Director, will feature semi-final games rotated at bowl sites and a championship game rotated among neutral sites.

Yesterday, the Presidential Oversight Committee approved a four team playoff that fans have been clamoring for. But now that it's here, what does it all really mean and how will it work? Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Executive Director, Gary Cavalli, was on the radio with KNBR's Murph & Mac this morning to discuss the new format. To hear the podcast and get all your answers, simply click here and listen to the show from 6/27. 

Over the years, the Navy Midshipmen have played 19 times against teams currently in the Pac-12 Conference. One Contest, the 2007 Poinsettia Bowl, was against Utah, at the time not a member of the Pac-12.  Overall, Navy is 7-10-2 against Pac-12 competition.

Here are the Results to Date.   Navy is scheduled to meet a team from the Pac-12 in the 2012 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, December 29, 2012 @ AT&T Park.

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