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The Fight Hunger Bowl will be played on Friday, December 27, 2013.   The credential application process will begin in mid-November.  Approvals or denials will be sent as soon as the evaluation of the application has been completed.

Credential pickup will begin at AT&T Park beginning with the game press conference on December 23.   Additional credential pickup times will be posted on the credential application form.

To apply for credentials please click here.

Please contact Doug Kelly at 415.625.2885 [office] or [preferred] 916.202.0552 [office/cell]. E-mail queries should be directed to and/or with any questions or problems regarding the credentialing process.

Media Parking/Entrance

All credentialed media should enter AT&T Park through the Lefty O'Doul Media/Pedestrian Entrance, located next to the Giants Dugout Store on the Third Street side of the park. Parking requests should be made via the credential application process. Due to ongoing ballpark area construction, media parking spaces are limited. Public transportation is recommended. Muni trains stop at the AT&T Park entrances.

Press Box

The press box area is for working media and game personnel only. Under no circumstances are children and/or fans permitted to sit in the area designated for media members covering the game.

Game Notes/Services

The following materials will be available to the working media: starting lineups, flip cards, numerical and alphabetical rosters of both teams, game notes for both teams. During the game, media will be provided with a running play-by-play over the internal public address system. Stats and drive charts will be provided throughout the game. Meals will be available in the press dining area from one hour prior to the game through the end of halftime.


Seventeen [17] charge-a-call phone lines are available for use by working media on a first come, first serve basis. Additional lines can be installed for private use [at the cost of the requesting party]. To order a private line, please contact Lena Boswell of the Giants at 415.972.1711. The deadline to request private phone lines is three weeks prior to game day.

Wireless Internet

AT&T Park offers complimentary wireless internet service, compliments of AT&T.

To connect to the AT&T Wi-Fi network, please follow these steps:

  1. Enable the wireless card on your laptop or handheld device.
  2. Connect to the network advertised as "attwifi".
  3. Open up a web browser and enter a public Internet address [i.e.,]. You will be redirected to a webpage to accept AT&T's Terms and Conditions. [You must accept the terms and conditions before your Internet session will begin].
  4. You are now connected to the Internet and will be routed to the San Francisco Giants Digital Dugout.
  5. iPhone users:  iPhone users will automatically connect without prompting to accept terms and conditions or return to Digital Dugout.
  6. If encountering any difficulty, please call AT&T WiFi support [1.888.888.7520]


NCAA regulations regarding photographers will be enforced. NCAA rules limit shooting to outside the restraining line enclosing the playing field and outside the 25-yard line. The presence of any type of photographer (television or still) in the bench area is strictly prohibited. Photographers will be allowed onto the field 45 minutes prior to kickoff.   The 'work area' for photographers is in the Giants dugout [3rd base side] and the tunnel area back of the dugout.   


Individual interviews with players or coaches must be arranged through each institution's Sports Information Director.

Team personnel may not be interviewed from the start of the first period through the end of the fourth period, including extra-period play, with the exception that only coaches may be interviewed between the conclusion of the second period and the beginning of the third period (halftime).

Post-Game Interviews

The Bowl will observe the customary 10-minute cooling off period as granted by the NCAA. Head coaches and selected players will be made available to media in the Giants Interview Room following the cooling off period.  The room is located on the first-floor concourse level, near the Giants clubhouse.  Media members will be escorted to the Giants Interview Room with approximately 4 minutes remaining in regulation, depending on game's status.   (Coaches and players will receive an escort to and from the locker room to the interview area.) The 10-minute cooling off period is to begin either when the head coach enters the locker room or five minutes following the conclusion of the game; whichever is later. Locker rooms will be closed to all media.

Additional information regarding post-game interview procedures will be disseminated in the press box during the course of the game.