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Executive Director Cavalli,

Thank you so much for allowing BYU to play in the Fight Hunger Bowl. I am looking forward to BYU participating in your bowl game this year. I expect BYU fans will travel well and together with the many BYU Bay Area fans we will scoop up tickets by the thousands.

I have a couple of questions for you. Well, perhaps they are suggestions. Either way, here they are.

1.       Would the Fight Hunger Bowl consider a rematch between BYU and Utah (assuming both are in position to be selected by the Fight Hunger Bowl)? BYU is so desperate for a shot at redemption against Utah. I’m sure many fans like myself feel as though Utah did not get BYU’s best shot and would love for nothing more than a rematch to show the college football world that the rivalry isn’t as one sided as it has appeared the last few years (it’s actually been a one-score game the last three of four years). I would expect AT&T Park will sell out, and I would expect excellent television ratings, too. I’m asking because this topic is generating a considerable amount of conversation here in Utah and I’m hopeful this rematch can occur. BYU’s story this year seems to be one of redemption if you follow the team closely, and going out with the chance to redeem itself against its big rival would be a fabulous story. Hopefully, Utah would welcome the chance to play BYU again, too.

2.       Will you please make sure your social media person in charge of your Twitter account tweets more BYU stuff as well as how BYU fans can help with the fight hunger initiative? That would be great.

Thanks for your time. I wish you great success this year with the bowl.

Rich N.



Thanks very much for your questions.

I wouldn't rule out Utah-BYU, assuming both teams get bowl-eligible. BYU is looking pretty good and has three quality wins now (over Texas, Utah State and Georgia Tech).  Utah not only had the huge win over Stanford Saturday, but also was one play away from beating UCLA and Oregon State. We had Utah here in 2005 and they were great to work with. I have tremendous respect for head coach Kyle Whittingham and athletic director Chris Hill. On the other side, BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe is an old friend of mine. So we have strong connections to both schools.

I watched the regular season game between the two teams in September, and it could've gone either way. Normally, you'd avoid a repeat matchup, but this one is a little unique because of the closeness of the game, the fact it was early in the season, the intensity of the rivalry, and the fact that the teams won't be playing each other the next couple of years.

And thanks for the reminder on social media for BYU. We're on it!




Gary Cavalli, Executive Director


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