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What they are saying about the Bowl...

"We have always felt the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl had tremendous potential for growth. Its past performance has been excellent, it has a first class management team and people love coming to San Francisco. They like traveling there. Television has favored this bowl, with good windows, and it has gotten good ratings."

-- Larry Scott, Pac-12 Commissioner


"Now to go the San Francisco is a wonderful opportunity for us, playing in a new stadium and playing against the Pac-12 makes it even more special. In this new world of college football playoffs, these bowls provide our teams great opportunities in a great part of the country"

-- Jim Delany, Big Ten Commissioner


“It was a great event showcasing two fantastic teams, and I was particularly pleased that the U.S. Naval Academy had the opportunity to participate in the only bowl game tied to a charitable endeavor. Such an event is uniquely fitting for our future Navy and Marine Corps leaders."

-- Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy


"Our ASU victory was all the richer as a result of the kind and personal attention we received, along with the truly exciting game atmosphere that was created by you and your team. The entire experience was a pleasure, and I appreciate the significant work that went into making a complex event appear so effortless. Thank you again for the fantastic hospitality and for all you did to make the ASU delegation feel so welcome and comfortable.”

-- Michael M. Crow, Arizona State President


"The week in San Francisco was one that our entire program will never forget. The visit to St. Anthony's Dining Room on Christmas Day was the most meaningful experience we've ever had in a bowl game. Your entire staff is first class! Your well-oiled machine anticipated and fulfilled our every need. The precision and attention to detail were amazing. You guys are the best! 

-- Ken Niumatalolo, Navy Head Coach


"All of the Fighting Illini had an outstanding time as it was a first class operation. The people and the program could not have been better, which I have shared with the Big Ten office. You receive high marks in all areas! I look forward to our next visit."

--Mike Thomas, Illinois Athletic Director


"Although the outcome of the game wasn't in our favor, the overall bowl experience was outstanding in every aspect. The hospitality was fantastic, the weather was perfect and the whole bowl week was extremely entertaining for our entire travel party. Kraft was an incredible bowl partner and San Francisco was an equally splendid bowl location. The highlight for me was exploring everything that the city had to offer while also having the opportunity to give back to the local community during the team's trip to Glide Memorial Church. As far as I am concerned, this is what made the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl truly special. You should be very proud to be part of a wonderful partnership backed by a meaningful cause. The Bruins were honored to take part in it."

-- Dan Guerrero, UCLA Athletic Director


"I'd like to thank Gary and the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl for putting this luncheon [August 1, 2011] on. You guys do a phenomenal job. Back when we were at your bow game, it was first class all the way. Thanks for all you do for college football in the Bay Area."

--Jeff Tedford, California head coach


"Thanks first, to Gary Cavalli and the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, not just for having such a good bowl game, but for what you signify and what you guys do [charitable endeavors] outside of football. I think it's phenomenal, and I think it's a leadership role we could all follow."

--David Shaw, Stanford head coach


"We've been to bowls six years in a row, and this one was by far the best. Gary Cavalli and his staff and the volunteers did an outstanding job. Everything was first class. The experience we had here was one of the greatest experiences that I've ever had as a football coach. The hospitality was unreal, yet they understood that we were here for a football game. We appreciate that."

-- Chris Ault, Nevada head coach


"Playing in this game was a great experience for our players and coaches. Many of our guys had never been to San Francisco, and they had a chance all this week to experience a great city. I can't say enough about the fantastic job that Gary and his staff did to make this just a great week for us. Everything was first class. This is definitely a real up and coming bowl."

-- Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks head coach (former USC head coach)

"I'll tell you this. The Emerald Bowl is one game that does things the right way. It's an outstanding bowl with great people behind it."

-- Jeff Tedford, California head coach

"The Emerald Bowl has a reputation for putting on a great bowl and really treating the teams fantastically, and that reputation is well deserved. It was a fabulous experience for our entire contingent. Everyone involved treated our student athletes, coaches and staff to a first-class event."

-- Sandy Barbour, Cal Athletic Director

"The Emerald Bowl was first-rate in every respect. It's a great bowl, a great town and a great atmosphere. The players had a lot of fun, and that's the way it's supposed to be."

-- Randy Shannon, former Miami head coach


"Your entire team did a masterful job in a fabulous city. Thank you for an exceptional bowl experience."

-- Donna Shalala, Miami President


"I mean it sincerely when I say we had as fine a time at your Bowl as any Bowl we have ever attended. You all really know what you are doing...Please give my love to everyone and thank them for a wonderful trip."

--Bobby Bowden, Florida State head coach (retired)

"Your professionalism and hospitality were just outstanding. Everything was first class. We've been to a lot of bowls, and we've never been treated better than we were at the Emerald Bowl."

--Dave Hart, Tennessee Athletic Director, (former Florida State Athletic Director)

"The Emerald Bowl is a first class event, run by first class people. The teamwork, heart and dedication to excellence displayed by the Emerald Bowl staff allowed our coaches, staff, student-athletes and fans to enjoy a truly remarkable should be very proud of what you collectively have built in the beautiful city of San Francisco."

--Dan Guerrero, Athletic Director, UCLA

"It was awesome...just an awesome experience for our players, our coaches and our fans. We appreciate everything the Emerald Bowl crew did for us. It was a lot of fun to come to San Francisco and play an ACC team. I think you have a great chance to grow this game and build something big time."

--Mike Riley, Head Coach, Oregon State

"The Emerald Bowl is truly a "gem" in the bowl lineup. It's everything and more for teams hopeful to enjoy the best experience possible. Navy would come back if invited in the future without reservation. We had the finest time in "Frisco" imaginable."

--Chet Gladchuk, Athletic Director, Navy

"Our entire program had a wonderful experience. It couldn't have been any better. Everything was first-class."

--Rocky Long, San Diego St. head coach (former New Mexico head coach)


"A wonderful week for everyone associated with the BC football program....a terrific experience."

--Barry Gallup, Dir. Of Football Ops., Boston College


"Achieving over a four rating is a significant milestone in the continued growth of the bowl. It puts the Emerald Bowl in an elite fraternity in the upper echelon of our bowl games."

--Dave Brown, VP, Programming & Acquisitions, Texas Longhorn Network (former VP, College Football Programming & Acquisitions, ESPN)


"The bowl was unbelievable. We've had nothing but raves from our players, our coaches and our fans. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience. Overall, it was the best bowl we've been to."

--Gene DeFilippo, Athletic Director, Boston College


"It's been one of the most fantastic experiences in my seven years as athletic director. The entire city and the bowl personnel made sure our every need was met. We've just had an incredible time. This bowl will become one of college football's prime postseason games because of its city and bowl administration."

--Randy Spetman, Florida State Athletic Director (former Air Force Athletic Director)